Here are some of our business achievements.
Since its establishment, Comway has responded to customers' requests by providing reliable solutions, and has responded flexibly to the required technology conversion.
We have accumulated a wealth of system know-how in various fields.

In particular, the design and development of web applications and smartphone applications are highly evaluated by many customers, mainly in Kansai and Kanto regions.
Here are just a few of Comway's previous developments.
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Application development
[Development language and DB] ASP.NET(C#), MS IIS, Oracle  [Overview] Point application and web management sys […]
[Development language and DB] IBM AIX, IBM WebSphere, IBM DB2, RedHat Linux, struts  [Overview] Production man […]
[Development language and DB] Delphi, MS Office, Oracle  [Overview] System for order management / production o […]
[Development language and DB] Delphi, InterBase Server  [Overview] System for customer management and order pl […]