System development for your business achievements
As a company that continues to create new value for the world, Based on the experience and advanced know-how we have cultivated so far, we provide planning proposal, development, design and technical support for system construction utilizing the latest technology.
We will support your business with a system that can respond quickly to various needs.
AI development
AI (artificial intelligence) refers to software that “learns and grows” on its own.
Unlike a computer that operates according to a given program, a system with artificial intelligence can select an appropriate and flexible response based on the pattern accumulated as data, depending on the other party and the situation. For this reason, AI is expected as a technology that will support the future.
Comway is engaged in AI system development using advanced technologies such as voice recognition, image recognition, deep learning, and big data processing.
We propose the optimal AI system that can contribute to your business.
If you are considering introducing an AI system, please feel free to contact us.
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Fintech is a coined word that combines finance and technology, and refers to an innovative financial services business utilizing IT.
Comway offers IT-based financial and payment systems, including various payment services such as credit card payments, and accounting support in household management and corporate management.
Taking advantage of our know-how, we will strongly support your business to improve sales and reduce operations with a safe and secure payment system.
Please consult with us about the scheme construction and system development related to finance and payments.
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Blockchain is said to be “the technology that changes the world”.
Blockchain is a technology that records transaction data (transaction data) in units called blocks in a node (computer) and manages them in a distributed manner. It is also called distributed ledger technology.
The security is ensured by the fact that data cannot be tampered with, and because it has the feature of zero downtime, its application area has a wide range of possibilities.
Comway focuses on blockchain technology that is expected to be used in various fields such as distribution, manufacturing, and medical fields. Reflecting our latest knowledge, we will support your IT strategy with proposals and high technical capabilities according to your requests.
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Using cloud services, you can quickly and easily share data from multiple devices such as PCs, laptops, smartphones, and tablets.
In the event of device malfunctions, it can be used as a backup, and since it runs on the cloud, installation is not required and it can be used easily. Even more, we can expect reduce of the operation cost at the same time.
Comway designs and develops cloud systems while taking into account the “flexibility” and “scalability” that are the features of the cloud.
Leveraging our know-how and development experience, we propose cloud services that meet your needs and targets.
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Web system
In today’s world where Web systems have become common, the key is how quickly we can provide high-quality services to users.
In addition, further diversification / combination / fast launch is required when building e-commerce websites, BtoB, BtoC, and other Web systems.
Comway propose high functional web system that covers everything required, such as rich user experience, high stability, robust security, simple operability, search engine measures, while maing full use of the latest technology using know-how based on many years of our experience.
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Comway Co.,Ltd.
Please feel free to contact us for any questions or consultations regarding system development.
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