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Joined company in 2017 H.N
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– Please tell us about your current job.
I develop an internal system (Web system) of a company.
Because it is a system used in-house, there are many technical terms and expertise, and it was tough to learn one by one.
We are developing while considering how to make it easy to understand and useful.
When I was told that their work efficiency was better than before the system was introduced, I felt very rewarding.
– What was the gap after joining the company?
Speaking of the IT industry, the image of long working hours and overtime work was strong, but when I started working, I was almost surprised because I was able to finish my work almost on time.
Private life is also fulfilled by meeting friends from school days on the way home from work.
Comway Co.,Ltd.
– Why did you choose to work at Comway?
I wanted to work in the IT industry since I was a student and I went to briefing sessions for various companies, but the atmosphere of Comway was the best and their office was bright and clean. That is why I wanted to work here.
In addition, as you can see in the event page, the relationship between employees is very good.
As soon as I joined the company, I was able to get used to the workplace.
Comway Co.,Ltd.
– What I have done so far and have been very hard
In my first web project, it took time for me to understand the composition of the source, and I kept asking questions to my senior colleagues.
At first, I was allowed to do simple tasks such as renovating existing ones, but when I got technical skills, I was entrusted with new development.
It was hard to make everything from scratch, but I was able to feel the improvement of my skills every day.