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Joined company in 2016 H.E
Comway Co.,Ltd.
– Please tell us about your current job.
I am developing an infrastructure data analysis system.
I was immediately assigned to work on the development of a web application that I asked for in my job interview, and I am working and studying every day.
when I don’t understand something, I have an environment where I can easily consult with my boss and seniors, so I can feel the growth of myself.
– What did you do in your previous job?
I worked as an SE in the IT industry. I was developing a control system and an embedded system, not the Web system.
Basically I participated in the same project for many years, and mainly handled C, C #, etc. as languages.
Comway Co.,Ltd.
– Why did you choose to work at Comway?
At the previous company, I was in charge of the same project for a long time, so I was worried that my experience might be useless when I was in charge of a different project in the future.
In addition, I was interested in developing web-related systems, but I had no development experience.
I chose Comway because even inexperienced people were eligible for hiring.
Also, it was one of the decisive factors that the atmosphere of interviews and company tours was good.
Comway Co.,Ltd.
– What kind of colleagues do you want to work with?
Those who want to learn the latest technology about IT. Those who want to develop using it.
There is also a drinking party once a month, so if you like drinking it will be fun. Events such as barbecue and skiing are also held regularly, so you can feel free to participate.
I’m looking for someone to exercise together with me.