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Joined company in 2015 M.K
Comway Co.,Ltd.
– Please tell us about your current job.
After one and a half years of maternity and childcare leave, I returned to work short hours from this spring. Currently, I am working on Windows application development in C #.
I was assigned to work that I was doing before I took maternity leave, but I needed a lot of time and effort to complete my work because of the blank. I am really helped by the support of people around me.
I can’t just get help from my collegues, so I spend my days studying to learn new techniques after my child goes to sleep so that I can become a powerful player.
– What type of engineers do you work with?
・ Persons with high technical skills
My first thought when I joined the company. Many people have deep knowledge of IT and are always studying the latest technology. Employee-planned study sessions are often held.
・ People who take good care of
No one has a bad mood or has a bad face when asked. This is a very important point, as I think most of the work stress appears here (at least I think so).
・ Funny people (in each sense)
Disney geeks, gamers, cooking boys (some employees have a chef’s license!), Narcissists, frank girls, moms, beauty manias, etc.
We are a treasure trove of characters. They do what they like to do.
Comway Co.,Ltd.
– Good points about Comway
A place where employees can get along!
Good friendship = I don’t think there is a problem with human relations here.
And the working environment is at a satisfactory level.
Of course, there are some points that I hope them to be better, but this leads to motivation to change it with everyone’s efforts.