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Joined company in 2011 H.K
Comway Co.,Ltd.
– Please tell us about your current job.
This is a replacement for financial institutions. The language is Java and DB is an Oracle system.
The framework uses a certain corporate web framework.
Among them, while working on various phases from basic design to programming, the work content is like developing the parts that do not fit on the so-called framework such as form linkage and workflow specialized for business.
– What did you do in your previous job?
I was doing SE business as I am now. Since most of my work was seconded, I was developing a system at a number of secondees.
Specifically, I developed various systems from backbone systems to manufacturing systems and geographic information systems (GIS).
Comway Co.,Ltd.
– Why did you choose Comway?
When I was looking for a workplace where I could make full use of my previous skills, I found a job at Comway.
The deciding factors for joining the company were that I was able to play an active role in projects that would improve my skills despite mid-career participation, and that I can be involved in advanced technologies such as HTML5 and Android. I thought this company is the one for me.
Comway Co.,Ltd.
– What kind of people do you want to work with?
-Any one of the following is welcome-
・ Those who want to learn the latest technology
・ Those who want to improve their skills
・ Those who never forget improvement
・ Those who are curious about various things
・ Person who likes outdoor and jogging