Develop high-quality applications with reliable technical capabilities
The smartphone market is rapidly accelerating. In Japan, shipments of smartphones such as Android, iPhone and WindowsPhone exceeded 10 million in 2011.
In the future, smartphones will become more widespread and can be expected to become services and familiar tools that are indispensable in our daily lives.
Comway will continue to work on research and development of smartphone applications.
Control system application development
Control system applications that run on products that incorporate systems such as information terminals like PCs and smartphones, home appliances, and medical equipment.
These control system applications require the development of a wide range of functions that vary depending on the functions required for each product and customer requests.
Comway offers proposals that make use of the many development experiences we have cultivated so far.
We value the usability of the users who actually use it and engage in product development together with our customers.
We can also develop prototypes using Arduino or Raspberry Pi depending on the actual environment.
Comway Co.,Ltd.
Smartphone x IoT integration
IoT is an abbreviation for “Internet of Things”.
By connecting devices and equipment that were not connected to the Internet so far, it became possible for them to recognize each other’s status while supplementing each other’s information and functions, and people can check and operate them from a remote location.
Using this function, it is possible to visualize medical information measured by machines and remotely control devices prepared in advance by linking smartphones with medical devices and beauty equipment.
Comway Co.,Ltd.
AR / VR applications
We develop AR / VR application that displays augmented reality and virtual reality.
AR applications such as a location based type that can guide directions with the GPS function and a marker based type that recognizes products and markers and displays content.
VR applications that allows various virtual experiences with VR headsets and smartphones.
Comway will use these virtual spaces to build applications that will bring “fun!” and “useful!”to people.
Comway Co.,Ltd.
Handy applications
Handy terminal for factories and logistics to promote on-site computerization.
In recent years, it has become possible to improve work efficiency by using barcodes and QR codes.
It is frequently used for inventory management and confirmation of distribution channels, and is often introduced in factories and logistics.
Comway develops handy applications that can be used with Denso, Keyence, and smartphones.
We will support the smooth introduction of applications in cooperation with people on the actual site and those who operate the system.
Comway Co.,Ltd.
Smart speaker applications
Smart speaker application is an application that works with smart speakers such as AmazonEcho and GoogleHome.
Currently, smart speakers are often used in private scenes at home such as turning on lights, playing music, and answering questions.
However, it can also be used for business purposes. By enabling device control by voice and automation of frequently performed tasks, it is possible to check information even when both hands are busy, and it will also lead to operational efficiency.
If you are considering creating an application with smart speakers, please feel free to contact us.
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Smartphone applications x Multi-platform development
Comway conducts “multi-platform development” using Delphi and Xamarin.
Applications for smartphones such as iOS and Android are often developed in different OS environments.
However, “multi-platform development”, which has been attracting attention recently, can develop both iOS and Android in a single development environment.
By sharing parts that perform the same processing on any platform and creating different parts for each one, it reduces the parts that require OS-specific development for iOS and Android. This speeds up its development.
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Comway Co.,Ltd.
Please feel free to contact us for any questions or consultations regarding system development.
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