We, Comway, an expert group with rich experience and know-how, provide IT services in various fields such as consulting, system designing / development support, application development for the web and smart phones and so on.

If you are considering solving problems with IT, please feel free to contact us.
Comway Co.,Ltd.
Comway Co.,Ltd. SYSTEM
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System development
Promptly provide the backbone systems perfect for the times
Comway Co.,Ltd.
Responding to diversified and complex times and customer needs,
We will provide planning proposals, development and technical support for the construction of backbone systems based on the latest technology, utilizing our accumulated experience and know-how.
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Application development
High-quality apps with solid technical skills
Comway Co.,Ltd.
Android accounts for 70% of the market share in the global smart phone OS. We are engaged in researching and developing applications that take full advantage of the high penetration and customization of Android OS.
Comway Co.,Ltd. SOLUTION
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We back your business up from every perspective
Comway Co.,Ltd.
From consulting to system operation and management support, we back up your business with solutions developed from our rich know-how and flexible ideas.
Comway Co.,Ltd.
Comway Co.,Ltd.
Comway has been taking on many design and development projects mainly for web and smartphone applications in Kansai and Kanto, making use of the systemization know-how cultivated in various fields.
Here are some of the achievements in the developments we worked on.
We are also focusing on human resource development and creating a comfortable working environment, such as holding technical lectures to improve employee skills and promoting the acquisition of certifications. We make every effort to contribute to the development of society by working on system design and development while utilizing teamwork of employees.
Comway Co.,Ltd.
Comway Co.,Ltd.
Comway Co.,Ltd.
Good work starts from the good environment.
Comway is looking for vibrant new friends to work with.
From the president and other managers to new employees, the company has a strong “connection” between employees regardless of the year of joining the company.
Let's learn together as engineers with rich imagination in an environment where you can learn the latest technology, and develop convenient systems and wonderful applications!